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PH: 314-458-4651

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Attention: New Beauty Lace Wigs will re-open this year under new ownership in a new location; stay connected for future details. To all our clients old, new until the transition is complete we are just a phone call away anxious to help and be of service. Please contact me at 314-458-4651.

Yours Sincerely,
Vanessa Lacewell Owner

New Beauty Salon Services

The following services are offered to New Beauty clients but will be done at a full service salon by a licensed and experienced cosmetologist.

Full Wig Application:

    * - Removal of Lace from Unit. $10
    * - Braiding of Clients Hair. $20
    * -Application of Wig/Unit with liquid or Tape adhesive to your head $65
    * -Cut and style the Wig/unit $55

Total Cost: $150.00 (Lace Front application deduct $20.00)
*If Client is bald or hair does not require braiding, the fee is $125.
*If Client request wig to be sewn onto braids, the fee is $100 for the application.

Reapplication of Full Lace Wig:

With this service, the Lace wig is reapplied with a liquid adhesive and/or tape around the entire perimeter. The hair is cut and styled to the customers’ preference.

Total Cost: $110.00

The wig must be clean of all adhesive and solvent residues, or a cleaning fee of $45 will be applied to the service. Also, the client’s hair must be clean of all glue and residue and ready for application, if shampoo service is needed add $25.

Total Cost: $135.00

Unit Cleaning:

    * Mail or bring your wig to our salon for a professional removal of all adhesive from the lace.
    * Your wig will be shampooed, conditioned, and dried.
    * All services are completed within 5 business days.

Total cost -$45.00 to be paid in advance by cash, credit card, or check if brought in person.  Expedited 24-48 hours service is $65.00.  In the event that your wig has had glue attached to it for a long period of time or excessive amounts of adhesive this requires much more time and effort in cleaning, In this instance the cleaning cost will be higher.

Please write your name with a Sharpie on the underside of your wig for identification purposes.