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Hair Loss Due To Non-Medical Reasons

Hair breakage, thinning, a lack of hair growth, scalp irritation, scalp damage, and hair loss are just some of the complaints from many who experience problems due to the misuse of chemical hair relaxers. In fact, the FDA lists hair straighteners and hair dyes among its top consumer complaint areas. Yet, in so many stores around the country, chemicals are available for everyone to use, with only basic instruction, a powerful process which transforms the basic chemical makeup of the hair strand. Before beginning any hair treatment, especially one that introduces chemicals to your hair, you owe it to yourself to be well informed. Armed with a better understanding of this process, you will be able to make good decisions with regard to hair and scalp care.  We’re not saying that relazers and perms are the only way you can damage your hair but they are on the top of the list when not used properly. 

For more information and a better understanding of hair the how it’s affected by chemicals please visit

Visit our web site to learn about Hair Aerobics, hair treatment products that will grow and restore your hair to a healthy state. In our store we offer salon treatments using Hair Aerobics product to assist with your journey back to healthy hair.