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Attention: New Beauty Lace Wigs will re-open this year under new ownership in a new location; stay connected for future details. To all our clients old, new until the transition is complete we are just a phone call away anxious to help and be of service. Please contact me at 314-458-4651.

Yours Sincerely,
Vanessa Lacewell Owner

Meet The Owner

Welcome to New Beauty Lace Wigs

The purpose of this message is to introduce myself and my motivation for this business.

New Beauty Lace Wigs was born out of my desire to feel beautiful again. After being diagnosed with cancer, chemotherapy took my hair completely. Though I was left with the blessing of being alive, I didn’t feel beautiful anymore.
I learned of a product called Lace Wigs, and with encouragement from my husband, I flew to Atlanta, Georgia to investigate.

After meeting the company representative and seeing the product, I knew immediately I could be beautiful again. I also knew that this product could be helpful to others, and that I should be a part of bringing that about. So, I vowed to make this a business venture of my own.

Hair loss for a woman—whether from medical treatment or another cause—can be a devastating emotional experience. Of course, remaining positive and re-assuring yourself of your true worth is important. However, being able to “do something” constructive to overcome the twist of fate can make a mighty difference.
Even if you are not experiencing hair loss, but simply never had the hair or look you’ve wanted, this product can do wonders! It can give you a new look—a “New Beauty.”

Our mission:
To help women manifest their true inner beauty with the aid of safe, superior-quality products backed by reliable and sensitive service.

I would like to dedicate this venture in part to my dog Hector who without him I would not have made it. He stayed by my side constantly for the entire time I was at home being treated, the love and understanding he provided was unimaginable unless you too have a dog like Hector, then you know what I mean.

In addition I give thanks to God almighty for keeping me here to do this and many other wonderful things and to my family and loved ones for without their prayers and support I wouldn’t be here.

Vanessa Lacewel